PRAY New Jersey Inc. encourages you to learn about the candidates running for Governor of NJ.  Although there may yet be independent candidates who will run for the office, the NJ Primary election results give us two candidates.  You can read a little about them below.  Please visit their websites and learn about their positions on issues important to you.  Please pray that God will raise up a man or woman who will lead our state seeking Godly wisdom and righteousness.

The Current Candidates

Phil Murphy is the Democrat candidate for Governor of NJ.

Mr. Murphy is the former U.S. ambassador to Germany, a former finance chair of the Democratic National Committee, and a former Goldman Sachs banking executive.  He was the leading Democratic candidate who served as Barack Obama’s ambassador to Germany from 2009 to 2013 and earned a fortune as an executive at Goldman Sachs. He was also the Democratic National Committee Finance chairman under Howard Dean. He’s earned the backing of influential county party officials, unions and elected officials and pledged $10 million of his own money to the campaign.  He is pro-choice and strongly endorses fully funding Planned Parenthood.  His website is:


Kim Guadagno is the Republican candidate for Governor of NJ.

Ms. Guadagno has served as the first lieutenant governor of NJ under current Gov. Chris Christie.  She was the party’s front-runner, racking up key endorsements and winning the party line in the state’s GOP hotbeds in Monmouth and Ocean counties. She gained a reputation as the administration’s ambassador to the business world. She also has qualified for public funds and has received more than $800,000, according to state election officials. She is pro-choice but does not support fully funding Planned Parenthood.  Her website is: